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the universe is divine: all experience is experience of god 


Welcome to the natural religion project

This site is to help us move from ancient religions based on ancient theories of the world toward a new religion, natural religion, which reflects current knowledge of our world and ourselves.

The reason for this is that the old religions have become so out of touch with reality that they have become dangerous. Because of my European roots, the unsafe structure I have in mind is the Roman Catholic Church (RCC).

The purpose of this site is to describe new scientific foundations for the RCC and similar organizations to bring it up to modern standards of credibility and responsibility.

The project has three facets, recorded in different sites.

This site, 'toward natural religion project' is about the project whose purpose to help us all feel and do better for ourselves and our world. Family, friends, food, warmth, security, grooming, work and many other things make us feel good. If good feeling is to last however, it must rest on a firm understanding of our world. Free fall may be exhilarating, but a possible impact at the end may be fatal

A second site, 'the theology company pl ', reveals the corporate entity behind this project. Incorporation has two advantages: first is makes the project potentially public property as more people take an interest; and second, it make the project eternal and independent of its founders, so that it need not die with their deaths.

Third 'a theology' outlines an embryo theology for natural religion, Theology (= talk about god) is the unifying and explanatory story behind religious practice. Here we assume that the universe is divine, so that god is observable and theology may become scientific. From this point of view, every experience of life is experience of god.

Finally, 'natural theology' records a personal journey from the Roman Catholic Church to here. It comprises a set of 'laboratory notebooks' written over about thirty years, and a series of essays, lectures and other snippets of text aimed at capturing what I have seen and felt.

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